5 Hipster Decorating Ideas For The Bedroom

Personalizing your sleeping space is fun, but it often entails spending heavily on expensive objects that cater to mainstream ideas of what does and doesn’t belong in someone’s bedroom. Isn’t it time we stop listening to what other people say is acceptable in our bedrooms and instead start expressing ourselves through quirky furniture choices, alluring art specimens, and other hipster decorating ideas which can make your bedroom a true representation of your personality?

If only it were that easy – after all, finding good decorating ideas is no easy feat. Luckily, these 5 hipster decorating ideas for the bedroom will help you spice up your personal living space without forcing you to break the bank.

1. Let your records take center stage

One of the best hipster decorating ideas for the bedroom worthy of your consideration is allowing your record collection and assorted equipment take center stage. If you’ve spent years developing a taste in music which you believe adequately represents your personality, what better way to prove this to the world by notably placing your record collection, record player, and similar equipment in a prominent area of your bedroom?

First things first, learn how to customize your record player so that it really dazzles anybody who lays their eyes upon it. Next, look around your bedroom for a noteworthy location that would be well-suited to contain your collection. A corner bookshelf that’s been converted into a vinyl storage space, for instance, would be a lovely addition to any bedroom that really demonstrates your commitment to a musical lifestyle.

If music and antique records aren’t your thing, don’t fret, as there are many other ways to make your style apparent to anyone who enters your bedroom.

2. Turn it into a digital hub of the future

Hipsters are often unfairly maligned for being stuck in the past, but the truth of the matter is that turning your room into a digital hub dominated by high-tech gizmos is a surefire way to elucidate your personality to others while asserting that you’re a forward-thinking person who’s eager to see what the future contains.

Review some stellar designs for video game rooms, and you’ll quickly see that many of their facets can be transferred seamlessly to your bedroom to produce excellent artistic results. Having a gaming station which is backlit by LEDs can give your room an eerie glow-in-the-dark brilliance that’s unrivaled by anyone you know. If super-modern lighting isn’t your thing, however, you can go old school and rely on a more classic technique instead…

3. Light up your bed and its frame

Who says that bedrooms have to be sleepy areas at every moment of the day? For many people, the bedroom is an ideal workspace or a suitable place to hang out with friends, so brightening the place up with some classic Christmas lights is highly advisable if you want to give your room a sense of rustic charm.

If you take a look at some of the most inspiring ideas for Christmas lights in the bedroom, for instance, you’ll notice that many people have incorporated twines of light that weave from one bed post to another. Similarly, adding lights to your backboard or a nearby feature, like your bedside table, can drastically change the overall theme of your room and give it a bright and cheery atmosphere.

According to SleepJunkie, a good bed is the most important part of getting a good night’s sleep, so why not take extra time and care when it comes to ensuring your bed and its frame look lovely in the eyes of its beholders?

4. Know what to frame and what to avoid

Sometimes, knowing how to decorate your bedroom in a hipster fashion entails knowing what NOT to do. This means that when it comes to framing and hanging wall art, you should exercise caution. Traditional art may be appealing to the eye, but it won’t necessarily give your room the style you’re looking for.

You should consider framing and hanging things which are appealing but nevertheless unexpected and non-traditional; find a patent design for one of your favorite antique items, for instance, and proudly display it for all to see in a simple wooden frame.

Similarly, a wide variety of tapestries can serve you well, as can some non-traditional band posters if they fall within the purview of your musical taste. Remember that when it comes to wall art, subverting expectations is the best way to give your bedroom a hipster flair.

5. Consider making your own furniture

Finally, the quintessential hipster method of decorating your bedroom in a unique fashion is making your own furniture. Crafting your own furniture from scratch isn’t always easy, and it can often be time consuming, yet it may nevertheless save you huge sums of money while simultaneously allowing you to personalize the furniture which will become so near and dear to you in the years to come.

Creating your own bed may be too daunting of a task, but a more similar project like a simple nightstand or easily-crafted bookshelf could be the perfect way to foray into creating your own household items.

Don’t rush headlong into this without doing your research ahead of time – you may injure yourself or produce a lackluster product if you’re unaware of what you’re doing. Before long, however, you’ll come to realize that creating and decorating your own furniture gives your room a personal style which is unmatched by any over-the-counter decoration which can be picked up at a store. 

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