10 Exceptional DIY Standing Desk for Professionals

Currently, the use of computers has become part of the daily lives of professionals in various fields of work. Therefore, most of these workers usually spend hours sitting at the computer.

Unfortunately, sitting for a long period is believed to hurt your body. This condition can cause serious problems in the future, starting from the emergence of diseases in the kidney area to spinal problems.

To prevent this, you can start using your DIY standing desk. This object will prevent you from sitting too much while working.

Here are some of the best DIY standing desk that we recommend to you:

1. Simple Wall-Mounted Standing Desk

This simple wall-mounted standing desk is easy to build. First, you have to decide the dimension of the desk. Make sure that you have a consistent thickness on each side. Make sure that the measurement is accurate and reliable.

Second, you need to make some holes for cables and wires. Use a hole saw to create the holes. You can also add “biscuit wood” to cover the outer part of the desk. Make sure that the components are glued strongly together.

Third, when the glue dried, you need to sand the surface of the desk, get rid of the sawdust, then wiped it with a muggy cloth. If everything looks ready, you need to mount the keyboard tray, and then screw it into the wall.

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2. Super Cute Hamster Wheel Standing Desk

This one requires a lot of work, so make sure that you are ready to put a lot of effort. First, carefully plan the giant wheel size. Make sure that it is ergonomics and safe. The previous item was built with 80” diameter wheel supported by 24” wide base.

Second, you need to start cutting wood. This process is quite tricky. Try using a waterjet cutter to ensure the precision of the cut. If you have done the cutting, you should have the necessary layers to start building the ring.

Third, you have to build the base. To make it a spin, you can use two skateboard wheels on each side.

3. Plumber Pipe Desk

This DIY standing desk is perfect for those of you who are new to the DIY craftsmanship. The materials of this furniture can be bought at any material shop or home depot.

First, get yourself these materials: plumber pipes, 2X12s wood board, 6 to 10-inch mending plates, ¾ black iron couplings, and ¼ black drywall screws.

Second, start by preparing the wood board. It means that you have to measure, cut, sand, and attach it.

Third, assemble the legs then attach it to the wood board using plates and screws. Make sure that the leg is straight and strong.

Finally, you can adjust the desk as you wish! If it is too short, you can add another set of the pipe.

4. Corner Standing Desk

If you want to build a standing desk in the corner of your office, this one can be used as a fine reference.

First, cut the board to the appropriate size. Make sure that the length and size fit perfectly with the corner of the room. Then sand the entire surface of the wood.

Second, coat the wood with polyurethane. This chemical will make the wood more durable and comfortable to use.

Third, attach your shelf brackets to the wall. To maintain stability, you need to place a shelf bracket per 1 meter of the board (minimum).

5. Industrial Adjustable Standing Desk

This DIY adjustable standing desk utilizes bike parts to make it works. It uses a bike chain attached to an L-bracket to create a system that allows the desk to move up and down.

The process is quite delicate. You need the appropriate size of the stainless center rod.

To establish a channel between the desk and the legs, you have to use a die grinder. This is important to keep the cranks attached to the whole design.

6. Cheap Standup Desk

This cheap DIY standing desk idea is perfect for a professional in a small office. It features two heavy-duty 19-inch shelf brackets, desktop surface, and standard size screws. It should cost you around 40 to 50 USD.

The installation is very simple. You have to find the studs, measure the height, attached the shelf brackets, then install the desktop surface on it.

Make sure to screw the brackets and desktop tight. It will give you an extremely stable workspace in considerably less space than a most regular desk.

7. Solid and Simple Rectangular Standing Desk

This solid and study DIY standing desk is perfect for those of you who need a large workspace. The idea is to combine a fully functional standing desk with a drafting table for designers.

It can be built easily. The most tricky part is to figure out the exact measurement that suits your need. The standard frame is made from 4×4 posts cedar wood. However, you can adjust it according to your needs.

8. Adjustable Steel Pipe Countertop

This desk is a combination of a regular sitting desk with a taller standing desk. The concept is to use standard pipe and fittings to create the different height of the desk surface. The materials to build this furniture is very easy to find. However, you may need the custom pipe from home depot to finish the process.

The legs are made of plumber pipe. You should note that those kinds of pipes need to be galvanized first to clean all its sticky coating and grease.

9. The Spaceship DIY Standing Desk

This DIY standing desk offers a huge storage capacity with expandable cabinets. The idea is to stack the expedit cabinets from IKEA into one bulky and tall spaceship-looking furniture.

The construction is quite simple. You have to assemble two pieces of 2×2 expedit shelving units to support two 5×1 expedit shelving units. You can bolt them together to maintain the stability.

Furthermore, you can also add an extra shelf at the top of the cabinet to place an external monitor or speakers.

10. Cheap and Simple Multilevel Standing Desk

If you want to have a simple standing desk without spending a penny, you can always stack boxes on a regular desk to add extra height. Although it sounds ridiculous, this method works well for most people.

You can use many types of boxes. Just make sure that it is strong enough to hold your computer monitor or laptop.

Moreover, you can also use a cheap end table as a replacement.

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